Am Montag 20 Juni 2005 10:51 schrieb Martin Spott:
> Gerard Robin wrote:
> > Le dimanche 19 juin 2005 à 22:10 +0200, Gerard Robin a écrit :
> >>    I have the same request LFPO is wrong: --> take off  point beside the
> >> runway
> >
> > Oh yes i have tried with taxidraw, it seem only operate on the taxiway,
> > not the runway. I could not modify the runway start point
> There is no separate "runway start point", it is _always_ automagically
> placed at the beginning of the runway. The effect you probably see is
> sitting at the end of a grass runway that is being listed _before_ the
> expected asphalt runway.
> To edit runways please click "Edit -> Unlock Runways", to change the
> list order of an airfield simply employ your favourite text editor. If
> you like to change the order or simply understand the structure of the
> airport file, please have a look here:

Please not that changing runways is strongly discouraged, because they are 
mostly automatically derived from the DAFIF data. Usually the runway layout 
is not way off. Just giving the right runway on the commandline on startup 
should suffice.

Eventually the most realistic option is to startup on the apron (data for that 
should already be in apt.dat.gz). But thats a different story...


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