to Harald JOHNSEN:
spot lights in fgfs I had 3 years ago. they worked on vertex program and
registercombiners but everyone afraid of vertex programs and multitexturing
You can see some screens here
But I work on it and now I have runway lights, landing lights, relief
mapping , DXT compression and another cool stuff that work on fragment and
vertex program
But fgfs community refuse to use it :(
to sad to hear it :((
but I have framework to use shaders from VP1.0 to GLSL in fgfs
but you have some influence in fgfs community so I think you can do what I
haven't done yet - have flightgear looks better by using some modern stuff.
we can discuss about shaders with you
feel free to mail me
Thanx in advance
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> On June 20, 2005 12:53 pm, Harald JOHNSEN wrote:
> > You are a genius, forget my previous reply.
> > We can't lighten pixels from the framebuffer because of the low
> > precision (8 bits) but we can of course darken them.
> > Algo (works better at full night) :
> > 1) render the scene and all non emissive geometry with a 'day' ambient
> > 2) render all lights (or emissive geometry) and update the stencil
> > buffer ( stencil := 1)
> > 3) render a quad on screen to darken everything where stencil == 0
> >
> > with 1 & 3 the scenery goes dark/black as usual
> > with 2 the scenery in light stay illuminated
> > Its quasi free, simple, support a million (fake) spot light ;)
> >
> > Harald.
> Nice!  We will finally be able to see at night in FlightGear. =)
> On June 20, 2005 04:15 pm, Josh Babcock wrote:
> > I think the shadows are cool, but I think that being able to have
> > spotlights is just awesome. Perhaps we should start thinking about how
> > this will be implemented from the modeler's perspective.
> > ...
> > A really cool bit of eye candy would be to make a visible cone of light
> > that would change intensity based on how much moisture is in the air.
> > That can even produce blinding reflection in a heavy fog, which IMO
> > would be very cool to see. It would be great to see two beams stabbing
> > out in front of a landing jetliner!
> To increase flexibility, I think it would be a good idea to allow the
> to specify the light volume.  This way, the spot light can take the shape
> a star if the modeller desires.  So, to light the interior of a hangar,
> there would need is a box that is as big as the hangar itself.  For normal
> spot light, the modeller can specify a cone as the light volume.  For a
> linear light source, the modeller can use a triangular prism to outline
> space being lit.
> The modeller-specified object can also be served to control the parameters
> the spot light.  Obviously, the width of the beam would be proportional
> the thickness of the object.  In addition to using XML to control the
> brightness of the light source, the size of the object itself can be used
> calculate the brightness factor.  The color of the object would be a
> contributing factor to the color of the light source.
> The modeller-specified object should not be hidden by default, however.
> modeller would have to make the object hidden manually by setting the
> object's opacity to zero.  An object that is not totally transparent will
> self illuminating.  This way, places such as hangar interiors can be
> as prop and acted as the light volume simultaneously.
> > I guess it would still be up to the modeler to provide Melchior style
> > billboards so that the actual light would be visible. I'm not sure how
> > one would deal with the directionality of the light though. One can
> > also add lights for the nav lights. Imagine being able to look out the
> > cockpit window and see your anti-collision lights reflecting off the
> Yes.  The same idea occured to me while I was coming home on the bus. =)
> Ampere
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