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For what it's worth, additional info on this thread:

I saw the same bad performance on an Fx 3400 with new driver.  I was not
able to find any properties or run options to alleviate the problem (10
fps or less, when looking at an airfield -- running with enhanced
lighting OFF).

Gerard's fix (comment out the call to get_vasi_lights_root()) worked
great.  All is smooth now.  Thanks, Gerard!

A better fix might be to use point lights for VASI/PAPI rather than commenting them out entirely.

Here's my theory. VASI/PAPI and the approach lighting "rabbit" get drawn with larger antialiased points. These are "unaccelerated" for the gamer level hardware (i.e. GeForce) but I found in the earlier versions of the cards/drivers that you could easily get away with just drawing a few larger "software" points and not see any kind of performance hit at all ... as long as you didn't get too crazy with it.

Now, nvidia does offer a hardware accelerated version of these points in it's more expensive quadro line of cards intended for the "professional" graphics market.

I suspect that they are intentionally making antialiased points artificially slow in their latest drivers to prevent people like us from getting away with using just a few here and there without upgrading to really high priced Quadro cards.

I could be wrong ... maybe there's a valid technical reason, but this sounds more like a "marketing" thing than a driver bug from my perspective.


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