> With Melchior's valuable help I have developed a nasal simulation of the
> Boost Control and Boost Control Cutout for the Hurricane. This should be
> committed to cvs shortly. When a preset boost value is exceeded, the Boost
> Control acts to reduce throttle opening. This action can be overridden by
> the Boost Control Cutout which allows maximum boost. The output of the Boost
> Control is smoothed by a low-pass filter selected by Melchior. You will
> notice an overshoot and some lag if the throttle is opened quickly.
> To make it work a patch (for cvs/head) is required to YASim - attached. A
> new attribute 'supercharger' has been added to the aircraft config file.
> When this is true, the attribute 'wastegate' no longer controls the
> supercharger output. If you want to try the update to the Hurricane, you
> will need to apply this patch. It will not adversely affect any other YASim
> model, so far as I can tell.
> Both the nasal and YASim patch are temporary; both will require reworking
> when Andy comes up with his revision of YASim to include the new
> supercharger code.
> Any testing would be welcome, although Melchior is doing his best to break
> it already! In particular any feedback on any adverse effects on other
> models would be good.
> Regards,
> Vivian 

Do we have the same project, on JSBSim ?
What must be done for it ?

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