Paul Kahler wrote:

Oh does that sound like a bad hack. What happens to objects that have
specular highlights? Would the illumination be as if the sun were
shining rather than the spotlight? Lighting is important, but this
doesn't seem like it's physically correct at all. OTOH, fake lighting is
better than no lighting ;-)


You are right, this is totaly incorrect lighting. For correct lighting and correct specular we should use an Opengl light for each light source. The problem is that opengl is sill slow for spot lights, and there can be more than 100 light around an airport. Of course opengl can not handle more than 8 lights in hardware (and I am not sure that it is still realtime on lot of machines) so we would have to switch ogl lights depending on the position of objects or ground geometry... a bit overkill I think. Perhaps can we use a real ogl light for the aircraft landing light and fake light for the airport lights, and since the view is centered on the aircraft the hack could be good enought.


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