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Another nit picking :

When an object ( say a building ) is culled because it is not in the
view, its shadow is also culled even if it is in the view.

2 screen shots :

In the first, an oracle building cast its shadow on another one

If I go forward a bit, the shadow disappear :

The FOV is exagerated because it is not easy to pause exactly when it
happens, but you can clearly see the shadows poping in and out when you
travel between buildings.

Most likely the SSG has removed the building out of the scenegraph...

Yes, that's a tough one ... think about what happens when the sun is low in the sky ... an object that casts a shadow on the current view could be *way* outside the view frustum. I don't really understand how shadows work, but you'd almost have to do a complete rerendering (ssgCullandDraw) of the world from the sun's perspective to get this right ... I'm guessing that may be a bit expensive???

Ignoring some of the artifacts and that they don't work on 16bit cards, the shadows are really cool, especially the self shading of the aircraft.


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