Melchior FRANZ wrote:
* Frederic Bouvier -- Thursday 30 June 2005 08:51:
I am rather on Andy's line here. As I tried to explain to Melchior 'remove' doesn't mean 'destroy'.

We know. It was said a few times in this thread already. removeChild()
just *pretended* to remove something, when it actually only detached it.

Ok, since no one cares to describe the difference to me in Dutch or German, can we all agree on the following:

Destroy: erase it's exsistance immidiately, no matter what (we don't
         even care about aliases pointing to nowhere)

Remove:  tell the library the node is of no use anymore, let the library
         decide if or when it should actually be erased from memory (it
         could also be called Delete, but it isn't.)

Detach:  make sure the node can't be referenced from the original tree
         anymore, it becomes it's own root node. Let the library decide
         of or when it should be erased from memory.


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