Hi all,

I've just had an idea, maybe some of you find it interesting. I'm
currently in a big dilemma -- I fly on VATSIM more or less regularly,
and I'm fed up with clicking radios etc. on the screen, so I'm
planning to build my own flight deck. Now FG is the best simulator as
far as customization and hardware connection go, and I'd certainly
like to run it once I have the flightdeck, but there is no VATSIM
support in FG (and there won't be, apparently, from what I've read.)

Now here's the idea -- use X-Plane or MSFS for VATSIM, but fly FG! It
would need two computers, but I think it would work like this: in
X-Plane/MSFS, use the plugin system or FSUIPC/WIDEFS, respectively, to
IMPORT the current position and velocity data from the other machine
(running FG) on a regular basis, along with the NAV frequencies,
transponder settings, and the PTT state. That would give you a view of
all other flyers on the X-Plane/MSFS computer, plus it would relay
your position to them as well. Voice comms would of course be on the
non-FG machine.

Nobody will notice because, as far as VATSIM is concerned, you're
flying an approved client, and the only drawback is that FG won't
display the other traffic (but you can see that on the other

I would be more than happy to run two computers simultaneously if this
really was the solution to combining FG and VATSIM. Would anyone be
interested in coding a proxy that connects FG and X-Plane/MSFS over
the network? I'm willing to help, of course, even with coding if it
doesn't involve me delving too deeply into the internals of FG. I tend
towards interfacing with X-Plane, mainly because its internal
structures appear to be much more openly available (the plugin
interface seems to be rather clean compared to FSUIPC, and the SDK is
free). The only big question is whether the internal FDM of X-Plane or
MSFS can be overridden with external data just like that.

Let me know if this is all nonsense,


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