Justin Smithies wrote:

>Just got a reply from Vatsim ive pasted it it below.
>it's certainly viable to start such a client. However, in order to 
>connect to the VATSIM network, it needs to be using libraries whose 
>source code is proprietary to VATSIM (i.e. its source code is under Non 
>Disclosure Agreement).
>If that's OK with you, let me know.

Vatsim would be a "competitor" to our native multiplayer system, right?

Would it be possible to develop the vatsim interface as a separate 
utility that runs in the background.  It could exchange data with FG 
through our multiplayer interface configured to talk to the local vatsim 
daemon and then the vatsim daemon could talk to the vatsim world.

It goes against the windows philosophy of cramming everything into a big 
monolithic application, but I would be ok with breaking that rule just 
this once. :-)


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