On 9/17/07, Robin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Linux isn't FAA certified so it's not used for mission-critical systems
> but in-flight entertainment systems would be very useful on Linux.

Yup and if they are running it on a couple hundred seats, individually,
there would be no need to pay the license fees to MS which would add up
really fast ... especially since they like to charge "per potential user."

> managed to figure out what distro the Airbus was running? Some custom one?

My best guess is a debian derivative, probably stripped down for this
specific application.  I saw the debian penguin come up at the head of the
console boot messages ... only one penguin so it looks like a single
processor.  I don't know what the actual hardware really is ... I'd be
surprised if they had one CPU per seat ... maybe they were doing some sort
of virtualization?  Interesting to see.  Apparently my seat neighbors were
not nearly as excited as I was to find out the entertainment system was
running linux ... :-)


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