> mpserver: traffic usage (approx)? Perhaps someone has a MRTG/RRD
> picture???

    On mpserver02, which is currently the most used server (about 70%),
consumes an average of 15GB of data daily. Throughout a day its average
bandwidth usage is about 200kB/s, with a peak speed of about 650kB/s
(mostly upstream).

    A single MP packet is close to at least 500 byte currently. So at a
typical 10Hz rate that gives 5kB/s per server per player. And of course
the more players, the more packet the server will receive as well as
forward onto other players. And then there's server relay part, which
essentially another copy of the packet upstream. Guess we could put
together a formula to calculate given the number of players and relays.

> map server: how much storage is needed and how much traffic would be
> created (approx.)?

    FGMap itself is about 7MB on disk. Traffic wise it should be nothing
as it's one html page plus a bunch of javascript files. And from that
point onwards all the map data are directly served by Google. At the
moment the client constantly polls the server CGI, and by default it's
once request every 5 seconds. Status responses are XMLs which is about
180 bytes per player. What I should say is the traffic is really


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