Hi Chris,

  Let me express my appreciate to your wodwerful work. As I fly very often to 
EDDF (in FG and IRL as well), this airport become one of my favourites.

  I have noticed only one minor issue so far with the buildings of Terminal 
2DE and 1C. When you load AI traffic data and ground map for EDDF in FG you 
will see airplanes parking at wrong positions (behind the buildings of 
1C, "in" the passenger bridges of 2DE.) 

  This problem can come from two sources, the parking positions can be defined 
wrong, or the position or scale of the buildings can be wrong. Or both. :)

  When I was working on the ground map of EDDF I was using Google Earth to 
measure the positions and directions (separately for every parking slot), so 
I assume the parking positions are right.

  What I have noticed is that it looks if the buildings were displaced to the 
west by about the distance between two passenger bridges. To show this I have 
created some screenshots, which I have put in the gallery on fgfs.i-net.hu. 

  What is your opinion? Can you check somehow if the buildings are placed at 
the right position? Is it hard to move the buildings to east parallel the 
longer side of Terminal2?

Thank you in advance,

On Monday 10 March 2008 11:02, Christian Schmitt wrote:
> till busch wrote:
> > hi,
> >
> > would you mind adding a .tar.gz or a zipfile for easier download?
> >
> > thanks,
> >
> > -till
> Hi,
> as the whole thing is still in alpha or at least beta state, I want to
> wait until it is more mature.
> You can download it just as simple with
> "svn co http://www.ilovelinux.de/svn/fgfs-ffm/user/";
> and always keep up with all changes. Maybe this was unclear in my first
> posting. The URL is an SVN repository.
> Chris

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