On Monday 10 March 2008 16:34, Heiko Schulz wrote:
> Hi,
> it is not and with the current Scenery 1.0.0 the
> ground network has to be done new for the most
> airports.

It looks like the Lufthansa Traffic files are in CVS, but the ground network 
for EDDF isn't committed yet. If there are no objections from Tabor's side, 
I'd like to commit his ground network as well. 

> Till end of the week maybe I can do a first step for a
> groundwork if wanted.

I've also seen that the EHAM ground network needs to be redone due to changes 
in the apt.dat layout. Before doing this, I'd like to double check the finer 
details of the scenery generation process with Ralf and Martin.I got the 
impression that the EHAM layout in the current apt.dat is a much simpler 
version than the one we had in the 0.9.10 scenery. Before reverting the 
ground network, I'd like to check whether this is intentional or not.

> Or maybe, that's for fun to me, create some more
> flight shedules for EDDF. But this a big work and
> difficult for some users, because Interactive Traffic
> needs a lot of perfomance and so the whole day-traffic
> can't be done (about 82 flight movements a minute is
> too much for the most pc's).

Hopefully, once we start working on a new architecture, in which AI traffic is 
fed from a separate application into FlightGear, using the multiplayer 
system, hopefully much of that load will be offloaded from FlightGear. This 
could be run either on a separate computer, or using a network connection 
from the same machine...

> I wished, it would be faster to create Interactive
> Traffics...

So do I :-) 


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