Hi Gabor,

first of all thank you for this very useful feedback.

>   I have noticed only one minor issue so far with the buildings of Terminal 
> 2DE and 1C. When you load AI traffic data and ground map for EDDF in FG you 
> will see airplanes parking at wrong positions (behind the buildings of 
> 1C, "in" the passenger bridges of 2DE.) 

I have AI traffic activated, but how do I make any AI planes park on the 
  positions in your screenshots? Sorry. I'm still quite new to FG.

>   This problem can come from two sources, the parking positions can be 
> defined 
> wrong, or the position or scale of the buildings can be wrong. Or both. :)

If you used Google Earth, I don't think the positions are wrong. The 
dimensions of the buildings are correct as well (measured with Google 
Earth as well). I think the positioning is wrong, a fact that I didn't 
care about too much until now :-)

>   What is your opinion? Can you check somehow if the buildings are placed at 
> the right position? Is it hard to move the buildings to east parallel the 
> longer side of Terminal2?

That would be no big deal and is overdue. Would you please tell me how 
to get these planes on there parking positions for reference.


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