On Sunday 16 November 2008 20:34:48 Heiko Schulz wrote:
> Small? I think people with lower computer perfomance will have problems-
> but there is always --proportion=1.0

Ah yes, the one file I committed does contain the singlemost largest operator 
at EHAM. The sample is "small" in the sense that I checked in data from only 
one airline. But, my experience is that you need to have a fairly large set 
already, if you want to see any action at all, hence my choice to commit the 
KLM files. 

The proportion property should still work to limit the amount of loaded 
aircraft, although I haven't checked that very closely. Will have a look 

> But looks great! If we could get the AI/ATC interactions work with voice
> (like ATIS) it would be much more great!

I know that some people have successfully streamed the text messages to the 
"festival" speech generator. That's still something that I would like to try. 
> I suggest using ATC insted using mibs ;-)

Ah, good suggestion. Will give it a try. :-)
> Very nice all that- though I have problems running the perl script on
> win32. But though it seems that we get with your patch a realistic dense of
> AI-traffic!

To stick to the perl philosophy: "There's probably more than one way..." ...to 
convert traffic data to xml. Admittedly, my perl scripts were a bit of a quick 
hack to get stuff converted quickly. I shouldn't be a problem at all to write 
a little utility that would do the conversion in another language. 

Theoretically, it should be possible to run perl in cygwin. It's probably a 
little heavy to install cygwin, just to run perl, but it should work 

> -For a better MD11/ DC10 KLM-Model and other models -have a look into the
> current Shared-models package!

Ah, thanks! I didn't know they were released already. I'll have a look. Now, 
it's just too bad that Northwest stopped operating the DC10...


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