On Thursday 31 July 2008 21:22, Durk Talsma wrote:
> For the adventurous, I've also posted a snapshot of the current code
> (source only). Feedback is appreciated.

For those interested, here's another snapshot of the current in development 
code of the traffic manager:


The main improvement of the current code is that I've switched to a more 
efficient search mechanism to link Aircraft and Flights. There are still a 
few things left to do before the code is ready for CVS:

- Switch the file format back to xml
- Ensure backward compatibiliy (it's actually fairly easy to do)
- More cleanup.

There is also the accompanying data file. This file contains a broad selection 
of Flights to and from EHAM, based on the August 2008 time table. All 
required AI aircraft should be in the CVS data package now. 


Finally, the new code works extremely well in combination with the new EHAM 
terminal buildings that Gijs is working on. Reason to add a few more 
screenshots to my FlightGear AI " in development" webpage:



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