On Sunday 27 July 2008 11:50, Durk Talsma wrote:

> I'm cross posting this message to both flightgear-devel and
> flightgear-users, because I know there are quite a few flightgear-users
> subscribers working on developing traffic plans. I will certainly take a
> few more weeks (maybe even a few months) before this will be production
> ready. However, if you are interested in the new format, feel free to drop
> you a note, and I'm happy to make a concept of the new format available.
> Many thanks go out to Gabor Toth, in this respect, for laying out the
> ground work for the new traffic format.

Well, it looks like "weeks or months" was a bit too pessimistic. :-)

Last week I finished a first draft of the new Traffic Manager code, which has 
been running succesfully for about a day without crashing. 

The code is not yet ready for CVS yet, though. The following issues need to be 

- The dynamic assignment of flights to aircraft needs to be optimized.
- The I need to investigate the possibilities of backward compatibility
- I'm considering going back to XML formatted files in favour of the current 
- The code needs clean-up.


However, for those people interested in creating traffic code, I decided to 
roll up a snapshot of the current traffic configuration file. Should I switch 
to xml, it should probably be a matter of writing a simple converter to get 
the data into xml format. 

For the adventurous, I've also posted a snapshot of the current code (source 
only). Feedback is appreciated.


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