On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 5:38 PM, Olaf Flebbe <f...@oflebbe.de> wrote:

> Erik,
> I would like to see an option to disable sound at all.
> Did you know that the sound system eats up to 30% of CPU time, depending
> on hardware? This even with --disable-sound on the command line.
> I found it while profiling fgfs on my eeepc with ubuntu, which is
> largely affected because of its low end hardware.
> Enabling OpenAL starts a thread which is constantly eating up CPU
> cycles. 30% of CPU. (pulseaudio _is_ disabled BTW)

Which version of OpenAL? There were recently (over a month ago?) some
improvements in that respect, still, OpenAL shouldn't be using any
processing at all. I'm at work and leaving in a few minutes, so I'll check
once I get home.

> [ I was able to improve FPS rate from 1 FPS to 15 FPS with disabling
> OpenAL altogether and further quirks. But fgfs still is barely useable
> on the eeepc ]
>  I would say something about fgfs on the EeePC, but I would like to run it
on an N900 as soon as I get my hands on one, so... ;-)
  Matt D.
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