Matias D'Ambrosio wrote:
>  On linux there are two implementations, the old one (OpenAL Sample 
> Implementation, last version was 0.0.8), which had several issues 
> (including broken Doppler), and the new OpenAL-Soft which most desktop 
> distros are now carrying.
>  Around 1.4 or 1.5  there were a few releases with new features that 
> hadn't been optimised, and that caused the high CPU usage, the situation 
> has improved greatly, Ubuntu is about to release again and therefore 
> Ubuntu users should have a lighter OpenAL-Soft this time around.

I was talking about my own written version of OpenAL compared to a 
relatively recent version of OpenAL-Soft. The Sample implementation is 3 
times slower all the way (except for very specific cases).

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