Well - I know, this first offering for review of the new German version
took significantly longer than I thought. But while trying to understand
what was written I became confused several times - and got more and more
into "review mode" - and that lead to several changes -- included in the
German version - proposed also for the English version.

Right now I finished the "The FlighGear Simulator" part (Preface, I.
Installation, II. Getting to know the Simultator, Appendix). I just
started the pure "Flying Tutorials" (Part III) - which should be
easier/quicker to translate. But I guess it is a good time to review
what I did now and how. So please do - I appreciate any comment.

Please see the translated Manual (Handbuch) as HTML and/or PDF (both
from the same OpenOffice source):

In addition a summary of what I changed (besides the translation):

Even thought I know, that not everybody is able to read and understand
German (what a pity!!) - I guess everybody might get an idea of the
major differences by looking into the ..Index.pdf comparisons.
happy reading

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