> Torsten wrote:
> From time to time, I notices some abuse by inserted spam into our wiki pages. 
> Great care must be taken, our 
> home page is locked for the "everybody" group.

Of course. Additionally I will look for some more anti-spam measures that we 
could install at the wiki.

> The layout/design is editable and with some knowledge, the skin may be 
> replaced (you did this before, did you?)

There are quite some skins available on the web (also GNU GPL ones), that we 
can choose from. Just like I did with 
the forum, it is possible to addapt an pre-existing skin slightly (or less 
slightly) and add our own logo/images to the
header for example.

Then, of course it is also important that the content looks nice. The main page 
as it is know exists of some very simple
(colored) tables. We could easily replace the tablecolors with some rounder 
bars for example. That will be similar to the
difference between the English and Dutch Wikipedia.

> Heiko wrote:
> The only thing I fear is: that it will be another useless discussion, without 
> any resultat....

If we don't start the discussion we won't have any result at all. And given the 
fact that we were able to go through quite
some "updates" the past year(s) (move to Gitorious, moving wiki and forum over 
to a new server, slightly updated forum
layout and a different structure), I am hopefull. :)

> Scott wrote:
> I'd like to throw in WordPress as perhaps a better website content system 
> than Wiki.

It is good to look at alternatives. However, I don't really see the advantage 
of WordPress over the wiki. In the end, only 
a couple of pages will be "static". Most of the content at our current website 
is documentation(-related) anyway...
I might be wrong, so I'm open to other's opinions ;)

> Martin wrote:
>> Gijs wrote:
> > - Less open system: for example, it will be harder to implement
> > additional features (gallery's, search engines) etc. However, the
> > alternative is a CMS system, which isn't much opener...
> I'm uncertain about how to read this final conclusion.

I agree that I didn't explain it very well. What I meant is that with an 
ordinary HTML website, you have quick,
full control over everything. Adding certain things is usually just a matter of 
uploading some files and adding 
some code. With CMS/Wiki, this involves installing addons. There are no addons 
for everything; and additionally
certain thing can easily interfer with eachother. Therefore, it might be hard 
to add those features easily...
Question is: are there really (that many) features that we cannot install 
easily on a wiki/CMS?

I have requested the wiki admin to install a couple of addons. When that's 
done, I will set some example pages
up, so we can see how it looks and feels.

Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts so far!

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