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Gijs de Rooy wrote:

> Question is: are there really (that many) features that we cannot
> install easily on a wiki/CMS?

The most prominent item that comes into my mind is what is probably
well-decribed as "dynamic content" (choose a better term, if you like).
Being the technical maintainer of another Wiki instance, the item which
I'd consider to be most-needed is the ability just to drop some P*
script programming language code into the page and let this program
code render whatever fits my needs.

Just as one among other obvious examples: Most of us certainly know,
that editing tables in *Wiki is a "major PITA" (TM). I'd like to drop
some P* code into the page which is capable of operating on top of a
database handle and does the formatting of the DB query result
(obviously accompagnied by some caching mechanism).

Or, as a FG-related example, think of the aircraft download page:
Wouldn't it be nice just to let some programming code hook onto
whichever repository you like and have the download page generated on
the fly (caching applies here as well).

In general, with a 'sophisticated' website I'd like to have the ability
to drop some scripting code into whichever place on a website I like to
do whatever I like. According to my knowledge this is not going to work
with *Wiki. I _guess_ it's possible with systems of the Drupal-league,
certainly with Django and comparable (or bigger) systems.
The latter ones, on the other hand, require more programming to get
even the core setup running  ....  ;-)

Nevertheless I agree with the forementioned opinion that the biggest
obstacle on the way to a "better" (TM) website might not be a technical

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