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Curtis Olson wrote:

> 2. I've played a bit with drupal, and in comparison to wordpress, it feels
> much more adhoc and clunky, much less thought out, much more disorganized,
> much less intuitive, much harder to admin, and much harder to make it do
> what I want to do.

Well, Drupal is primarily a website CMS whereas WordPress, to my
understanding, is prominently meant to serve for blogs.  Therefore it
doesn't come by surprise that you're experiencing significant differences. 
Django in contrast has an even steeper learning curve, but it does almost
everything for you, if you add some code - just the usual "versatility vs. 
convenience" story  ;-)

> 4. I hear you folks who want to be able to program php/perl/python the
> backend and really customize the site.

Let me put it into different words to clarify my intention: Re-doing a
website almost from scratch requires a pile of work and when people start
thinking about migrating the website over to whichever flavour of 3rd party
'framework', thus making the site _dependent_ on this framework, then I'd
recommend not to choose one whose structural deficiencies are becoming
obvious already _that_ in the early planning stage.

It's a little bit like buying a house when you're thinking about having four
kids.  In the "planning stage" you'll never know the exact details, but even
in the early phases it's pretty much obvious that the needs _are_ going to
develop their own life  ;-)

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