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>> Hmm - after double-checking, it looks good to me.
>> Checked with running --prop:/environment/terrain/area[0]/enabled=1
> That seems to be the key, thanks. Works fine if I set the property on
> startup in the commandline, doesn't work if I don't. We used to have a
> state where it wasn't necessary to set it in the command line any more -
> so something there might have changed (?).

In the initialization sequence of the environment subsystem, a 
terrainsample instance is created for each "area" node under 
/environment/terrain (you can have as many areas sampled as you like).
However, these nodes have to be there during subsystem-init. Maybe you 
create it from Nasal which probably initializes later?
If that worked before - I have no idea what might have changed to break 
it for you. The last nontrivial update on the terrainsampler was in 
August 2010.


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