Hi all,

Since mid of February, HTML and PDF version of the Manual on mapserver 
seems not to be updated.

Latest commit in git repo of
is February 17 2013 (that is OK).

However, HTML version at
is dated "February 16, 2013", and PDF version at
is dated "February 12, 2013".

I suspect that, for some reason, getstart autogeneration scripts on 
mapserver have been stopping to work since mid of February.
Can someone check it?

Moreover, HTML version of the Manual on mapserver doesn't include 
chapters of 8.11 and after, which is caused by incorrect \weblong usage 
in basic.tex committed on Feb. 16.
Although \weblong usage was corrected by the commit on Feb. 17 in git 
repo, autogeneration scripts might be affected by this issue (I'm not sure).

For reference, using makegetstart.sh and tex files in current git repo, 
I confirmed that html and pdf version of the Manual can be successfully 
generated in my cygwin environments.


(2012/10/08 5:52), Martin Spott wrote:
> Pedro Morgan wrote:
>> Is martin the maintainer of this? I want to make this build automatic
> It's already running automatically, the PDF versions as well as the
> English HTML are being updated whenever a GIT commit gets mirrored to
> the FlightGear MapServer machine - which, as far as I remember, is
> being synced every six hours.
> Cheers,
>       Martin.

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