Oliver, Thanks for your commit to git repository.
It solved tex compile error on my machine (Tex Live on cygwin), however 
the manual on mapserver has still not be updated.

Martin, could you please investigate what is the problem on mapserver?

Here I'll summarize my think about the getstart problem on map server.

(1) Current html version in
was generated on mapserver on February 16, 2013.
Howerver, tex compilation seems to be stopped at "8.10 The autopilot".

This issue was caused by an incorrect weblong usage on Feb. 16 in
and was fixed on Feb. 17 in
However, the manual on mapserver has not be updated until now.

(2) Current pdf version in
was generated on mapserver on February 12, 2013.
Probably, it will be updated when the autogeneration issue for html 
version is fixed on mapserver.


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