Hi the quiet mailing list :)

  here are some questions about the fdm properties :

- How come some fdm properties don't have the same meaning, d├ępending 
the fdm used?

i'm thinking of properties in the following property trees:


if you want some examples, you can have a look at the bug reports 202:


and 901:


those are properties i needed to use and found buggy, but they could not 
be the only one affected.

- is there anybody among the dev interested in this area of FG anymore? 
despite the bug report and the solution proposed, nothing change, except 
the need to have external patch to have this right.

- would it be a good idea to document those properties somewhere? if so 
i can make  a list, but i would let the description to english native users.

imho, this make FG broken in some area (like hud trajectory marker with 
jsbsim for the sideslip, or the reported speed in radar2 for yasim 
planes) but the only comments i got in the bug reports were "what will 
it break to put it right".


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