Hi Markus,

I'm glad to see you are looking at simgear's update for Debian.
However we are ready to release simgear 2.12 in next days, so I would suggest 
you to spend your time with simgear 2.12 instead of (soon outdated) 2.10

We have a lot of lacks for many years about package diffusion for Ubuntu/Debian 
( version 2.6 is still diffused while we released 2.8 one year ago and 2.10 6 
months ago) How can I help you maintaining this diffusion in order to always 
diffuse the latest stable version ?

About platform's support: looking at our lacks I would suggest to focus on main 
platforms for now.
If we are able to provide the 2.12 version for amd64 and i386 we are feeding 
95% (maybe more) of our users.

Linux users are lucky to have a package manager (compared to Windows users who 
need to download the package by searching on the Web) so it's important to keep 
the diffused package up-to-date in order to give a better experience to our 

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