On 11 Sep 2013, at 10:16, Markus Wanner <mar...@bluegap.ch> wrote:

> I think some of the more recent patches didn't flow upstream, yet. I'm
> focusing on getting it working properly on Debian, first. And getting
> 2.12 in. Just a matter of time. Sorry for the lag.

Okay, but if any of them are portable fixes, it would be better to get them in 
2.12 itself.
> Usual practice is that whatever a single file's copyright line states
> overrides any kind of project-wide license file or agreement. Thus, I
> recommend asking the authors if they agree to change the license.
> However, I'm fine however you do it, as long as we're safe from complaints.

Given the history of the files, I believe we are safe. There are a few files 
which I have included which need to remain with their very explicit license 
(MD5 calculation, expat), but definitely several which have been moved from FG 
and not updated. There's also a large collection from David Megginson which he 
placed in the public domain originally, I will ping him and ask his opinion.

>> so we can run parts of the stack on Pis, Pandaboards and so on. This would 
>> be materially useful for various add-on functions, especially the canvas and 
>> fgcom. 
>> (I spend an increasing amount of my work time on OpenGL on ARM platforms, 
>> they have plenty of power to run graphics, depending on which GPU is on the 
>> SoC)
> Oh, I didn't think about these, yes. So, can I run flightgear on my RPi?
> Under what OS are you working on the Pi?

I'm currently busy on other areas but it will be either Raspbian or a custom 
buildroot Linux deployment. Although, since my current buildroot uses ulibc, 
that would mean discovering all the places in SG+FG where we've assumed glibc. 
Note we can't run FG itself without major work, since these platforms only 
support GLES1 or GLES2, and there's many legacy areas of the renderer which 
would not work.

(BTW I believe OSG compiles out of the box on ARM targets now, Android at 
least, but I didn't try it myself yet)


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