On 03/20/13 11:25, Gonzalo Garramuno wrote:
> I am trying to port my software from flkt2 to fltk1.3.
> However fluid1.3 complains due to lacking namespaces.
> Any chance of adding namespaces to fluid1.3 or a work-around?

    To use a namespace, I'd think New->Code->Declaration, and set it to:

        using namespace whatever;

    ..and to define a namespace, I guess you might have to do
    something like put:

#include "foo-namespace-start.h"
#include "foo-namespace-end.h"

    ..where foo-namespace-start.h contains: namespace foo {
    ..and foo-namespace-end.h contains: };

    Sorry I can't think of anything better; looks like fluid needs to
    be modified, because New->Code->Declaration complains about the unclosed 
    Probably an easy fix to have the Declaration input check be ignored if 
    a 'namespace' command..

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