On 03/21/13 11:24, MacArthur, Ian (Selex ES, UK) wrote:
> Oh, was Gonzalo asking whether fluid could support namespaces?
> I suppose in fluid a namespace might be entered a bit like a grouping widget,
> such that other entities would be declared nested inside it? Is that the sort 
> of thing?

        Right, I think so; quoting the OP:
        "Any chance of adding namespaces to fluid1.3"

        ..and I can certainly see the need for it, if one wanted to create
        a widget or suite of tools in fluid attached to a namespace, or be able
        to have multiple namespaces.

        And yes, I think both the thing we use in fluid now for "Declaration 
        could work for namespaces, as well as allowing a "single declaration"
        to open and close should be possible too.

> I had thought he was asking if fltk-1.3 itself would have namespaces (which 
> for compatibility I guess it can't).

        Right, I don't think he's asking for an API change.

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