> I am fairly new to FOP and to Java as well.  I am wondering if anyone has
> written a rendering to convert an XML stream to Postscript with FOP (similar
> to the PCL or PDF renderer) - I am in desperate need of a mechanism to do
> this.  We have a current Java app that converts an XML stream into PDF, but
> printing through Adobe Acrobat is too resource intensive on the lower end
> machines.  I have tried converting to PCL and then streaming to a port,
> which works pretty well, but is not a 100% compatibile (PCL beng only HP)
> If anyone knows of a way to convert an XML to PS format using a custom FOP
> piece they've written, or knows of a better mechanism, I'd be forever
> grateful!

I've started a Postscript renderer some time ago. It produces Level 2
Postscript and DSC comments. It's certainly not production ready, though.
The whole SVG stuff is missing and it would have to be updated for the
current CVS version. If it helped you I could update the code to fit
with the current CVS version and post it to be integrated with FOP. You
would have to give me a week or so to do that. Just tell me. Also
depends on the comitters if they want the code in the current status...
But since you're new to Java I doubt that it will help you much because
you would have to improve the code yourself (or find someone to do it
for you).

Have you tried Ghostscript for the conversion? I don't know, but it
might be worth a try.

Jeremias Märki


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