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> I've started a Postscript renderer some time ago. It produces Level 2
> Postscript and DSC comments. It's certainly not production ready, though.
> The whole SVG stuff is missing and it would have to be updated for the
> current CVS version. If it helped you I could update the code to fit
> with the current CVS version and post it to be integrated with FOP. You
> would have to give me a week or so to do that. Just tell me. Also
> depends on the comitters if they want the code in the current status...

Whatever status the code is in, if you are reasonably happy with the design
behind it, please feel free to submit it. The last thing we try (or want) to do
is to foster an impression that people have to provide "code-complete" modules;
as long as it compiles and doesn't break other code, we are happy to have it.

The whole point of open-source is that we try to get code in early and often.
That way other people can look at it, and take it into account, and maybe work
with it, too. It also insures against the possibility that you, or anyone, just
never has the time to really finish the job, and every time you look at what you
have you want to improve it, and it never actually sees the light of day.

I am as guilty as anyone, of holding off on submitting things into CVS until I
have finished works of art. And I really get bit with the "improvement bug" I
described above. :-) But this is just not the way to do things in open-source,
as a rule.

So, in summary, please feel free to submit what you have. What you can do in any
case is make it clear that you wish to remain the prime on that piece of code,
and that if anyone else wishes to work on it they should coordinate with you.

> But since you're new to Java I doubt that it will help you much because
> you would have to improve the code yourself (or find someone to do it
> for you).

Arved Sandstrom

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