Allow me to clarify:
These test suites (XML, XSL:T, XSL:FO) are coming from OASIS.
NIST is contributing test cases to the effort, and Lotus/IBM
is contributing XSLT cases through me. See
for a list of the OASIS Technical Committees. (I don't know
the status of a purported XSL:FO committee.)

On the XSLT side, the Apache Xalan project is using some NIST
test cases that have been published. The NIST representative
to OASIS told me that publication implies that NIST would
like to see them get used. When OASIS publishes something, I
expect Xalan to use that, supplemented by any tests from here
(Lotus/IBM) that are considered too processor-specific to be
considered "conformance" tests.
.................David Marston

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