It's great to see such detailed tests coming out of various standards

For more info on the XSLT tests (not necessarily the FO tests) you can look
at xml-xalan/test/tests/conf, many of which will likely be submitted as
part of the XSLT NIST tests by our xml-xalan conformance testing guru
[EMAIL PROTECTED], who's on one of the NIST committes.

- Shane (xml-xalan test automation, xml-commons instigator)

---- you "Fotis Jannidis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote ----
>From "Cafe con Leche" the xml website maintained by Elliotte
Rusty Harold:

"The United States National Institute for Standards and technology
(NIST) has published published several hundred tests for XSLT,
XPath, and XSL Formatting Objects. These will eventually be
integrated into  the official OASIS XSLT/XPath suite."


I had a short look at the xsl:fo test suite. It contains about 540 xml
files and xsl files to convert them to xsl:fo files. In a separate
directory there are the resulting pdf files created with xep.

I am not sure about the copyright status of the test suite, but we
certainly can make use of it.


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