> Also if possible it might be good to create the branch for FOP II (2) after
> the next release so that there is a place to start working in.

> One question, how should we handle updates to FOP that are not specific to
> the new layout.
> For example: images, svg, logging, configuration etc.
> All things that need improvement.
> If we put these things in 1 then we may have trouble getting them into 2,
> if we put them in 2 then everyone will have to wait for 2 to be released.
> Is FOP 1 going to be feature frozen, interface frozen etc. or should this
> wait for a bit first.

Just an idea, but I don't have enough overview over FOP right now to know
if it's feasible:
Why not take a little time to encapsulate the parts to be redesigned, so
the FOP 2 people can work on a separate repository (or just another
package subtree)? Consequences:
+ Encourages loose coupling and exchangability of algorithms
+ Improvements on either side in the common stuff helps both sides.
+ Less work to sync common stuff between projects
+ This is a chance to tidy up some dirty spots and dependencies.
- Some effort is neccessary before FOP 2 can start.
- Probably more work for the FOP 2 people because they have to maintain

Bringing in Avalon at this point might help. I think I'm after similar
issues as Keiron (images, logging, config). Also, I think fonts need
some looking after to integrate them with the PostScript renderer. I'd
be glad to help in these corners, though I have to do this in my free

To ensure that as many people as possible help bringing FOP up to a
version 1.0 or even 2.0, I think it's crucial to maintain an up-to-date
list with things to do and with indications where and how non-committers
can help best. Then people have to take ownership of their tasks which
also should be tracked.

Jeremias Märki


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