At 06:40 AM 6/29/01 -0500, Weiqi Gao wrote:
>On 29 Jun 2001 06:37:00 -0300, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>> FOP2 is the term for a completely new layout engine, and so maybe
>> we don't really want to call the thing "FOP2". Suggestions? I'll
>> call it FOP1+ for now.
>Please spare us of the confusion and stick with simple numbers like 1 or

OK, that's fair...I just needed a label at that moment, so I picked a bad

What we should probably really do is avoid attaching _any_ FOP version to 
the advanced layout/formatting redesign, because it is a _module_ redesign, 
not an overall FOP redesign. And in any case we do not even have a 1.0 
(production-ready, feature-complete) version available, so it is premature 
to allot versions that far out.

I'm open to suggestions from anyone as to a convenient label for the 
redesign that Karen & I have described (and that others have also contributed 
to, I might add).


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