At 07:14 PM 6/29/01 -0500, Weiqi Gao wrote:
>On 29 Jun 2001 18:26:30 -0300, Arved Sandstrom wrote:
>> I'm open to suggestions from anyone as to a convenient label for the 
>> redesign that Karen & I have described (and that others have also
>> to, I might add).
>Why not stick with the Apache tradition of coining names that start with
>an X and is hard to pronounce in English?  Is 'Xiesel' hard enough?
>It starts with X.
>It rhymes with Diesel, so you can talk about the 'Xiesel engine' in an
>upcoming FOP release.
>It has the letters 'X', 'S', 'L' in it, and 'XSL' is the official name
>of the spec FOP is supposed to implement.
>Weiqi Gao

I have to grudgingly admit that I like this a lot. :-) Even if we just use 
it informally, it's got a nice ring to it...and the imagery it evokes, plus 
all the associations, are great.

What we could do is specify that the leading 'X' must be pronounced as a 
Khoisan glottal dental click.


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