> > The Java class is on the classpath, I included a function 'main' to test
> > this and all works fine. The XML, XSL and Java will all process through
> > Xalan as expected, and an XSL:FO file is produced correctly, no
> > However, I wish to use FOP to do all this in one go with the usual
> > "java -jar fop.jar -xml g-test.xml -xsl g-test.xsl -pdf out.pdf" -- and
> > is where my problem crops up. When I run the command as shown, the

> I may get something wrong, but don't you have to specify an additional
> -cp for you BchDate class? fop.jar contains a manifest file which
> specifies the classpath to use. If you need more than the standard
> packages, I'd write something like:
> java -jar -cp yourPath fop.jar -xml .......
> I didn't test this but it's worth a try.

Hi Jeremias,

Thanks for the response; I've already tried explicitly giving the classpath,
and I've also put the compiled class in the same directory as the fop.jar
file to see if that made any difference. Neither of these has solved the

Can anyone offer any other suggestions?


Gareth Noyce

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