> I hear your pain, brother. :-) So I have enclosed a ZIP which contains all
> the files I used, on Windows 98, to make this work - the XML, XSL, the
> extension class (source and compiled classfile), a batch file to run
> even the PDF output.

Father Arved, thank for you for your preaching!

Ok, this initially didn't work, but the bat file made me notice something
that I'd not seen before. My classpath was too long for the commandline that
you included in the batch file to run. Thinking this might have something to
do with it I cut it all down to just the FOP and Xalan stuff that I need
right now. Lo! All worked out of the tin. All my example files, your batch
file -- pretty much everything I've been playing with since Thursday.

So, the evils of the CLASSPATH seem to have struck again. For the record,
everything you'd included in your example I had in my classpath (bar the
example java I'd written), but it just seemed to get ignored. Removing bits
make all the difference.

That is some weight off my shoulders, although I feel a little silly having
wasted so long playing around with it!

Thank you again for your help and support.

Best Regards

Gareth Noyce

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