We have a set of documentations for the JBoss J2EE application server
Project (http://www.jboss.org/) that is written in XML DocBook and than
transformed in FO through well known XSL scripts.

Our goal has been to then be able to produce a PDF output from the FO file.
Nevertheless, until now I have met numerous problems resulting in FOP
hanging, FOP comming going in an endless loop, ... While sometimes, I was
able to find workarounds (sometimes ugly, thus not sufficient), at other
times, I didn't (See some of my previous e-mails for more info).
Consequently, I will temporarly stop using FOP to generate PDF and
concentrate my efforts more on the content of the documentation than its
output ;) (I guess you will easily understand this).

(Please understand that I am not trying to blatantly criticise FOP: it is a
very nice and usefull software, but also an ongoing effort. which is why it
is versionned 0.19 and not 2.5)

The goal of my message is to know wheter you would be interested in getting
a FO file that is the current JBoss documentation that you could use as one
of your test file? As we know that it currently fails, it could be usefull.
Anyone interested?

Thank you. Cheers,


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