Hello Alex,

> I am contracted to a company in London which is using FOP and
> JBoss in the same department
> (but on different projects)
> I can possibly arrange to spend some time helping out with JBoss
> Docs -> XSL:FO -> PDF
> or preferably arrange to have an intern work on it.

Yes, sure, but as I said, I already tried these days and met numerous
problems. But you are more than certainly welcome on the JBoss project!

> Are you part of the JBoss development team - or merely a user?

development team.

> Are your documents describing JBoss - or your own EJBs?


> I am also wondering if there is a simple DocBook->XSL:FO
> conversion process.
> It is something which I have been asked before.

Yes, sure. Take a look at Norman Walsh work:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/docbook or here

Do not hesitate to contact me (privatly or on JBoss-doc ML) if you want to
speak about JBoss.



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