Hello Arved,

> Those stylesheets are definitely worth using, but they are immature, not
> even close to being as ready as the DocBook HTML stylesheets. If
> you use a
> formatter other than FOP you will soon find out which DocBook constructs
> lead to problematic FO (that is, it's not FOP's fault). A lot of them are
> not core elements, and so you can avoid them for now; for the
> ones that are,
> the most useful contribution is to assist Norm Walsh and help out
> with the
> FO stylesheets.
> Some DocBook elements, when acted on by the FO stylesheets, turn out good
> FO, but FOP doesn't handle it well, or at all. I'd argue that
> there is less
> of this situation than one might think. And you can always check by using
> other formatters.

OK. Neverhteless, in a perfect world, such bad construct should not make FOP
loose itself. ;) bad joke...

> I can only speak for myself, but I think we would be very pleased to have
> this documentation as part of our example/test set of FO.

Great! What is the usual way to do it? Do you want the whole thing (with the
ant build config) or just a resulting FO output?



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