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> --- Sacha Labourey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > Hello,
>> We have a set of documentations for the JBoss J2EE application server
>> Project ( that is written in XML DocBook and than
>> transformed in FO through well known XSL scripts.
>I am also wondering if there is a simple DocBook->XSL:FO conversion process.
>It is something which I have been asked before.

Apart from the FO stylesheets that come with DocBook XSL? :-)

Those stylesheets are definitely worth using, but they are immature, not 
even close to being as ready as the DocBook HTML stylesheets. If you use a 
formatter other than FOP you will soon find out which DocBook constructs 
lead to problematic FO (that is, it's not FOP's fault). A lot of them are 
not core elements, and so you can avoid them for now; for the ones that are, 
the most useful contribution is to assist Norm Walsh and help out with the 
FO stylesheets.

Some DocBook elements, when acted on by the FO stylesheets, turn out good 
FO, but FOP doesn't handle it well, or at all. I'd argue that there is less 
of this situation than one might think. And you can always check by using 
other formatters.

I can only speak for myself, but I think we would be very pleased to have 
this documentation as part of our example/test set of FO.

Arved Sandstrom

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