On Tue, 07 Aug 2001 17:35:59 Gregor N. Purdy wrote:
> Curious:
> I'm using the docbook-xsl-1.14 tools from docbook.sourceforge.net to
> convert a DocDook XML file into xsl:fo and then using FOP to convert
> that into PDF. I've noticed FOP printing messages like this:
>   warning: property - "linefeed-treatment" is not implemented yet.
> it turns out that docbook-xsl is using that attribute on the fo:block
> elements it creates out of my <screen> DocBook elements.
> Is linefeed-treatment handling on the radar screen?
> I'm getting the correct output, so I'm wondering if by setting
> white-space-collapse='false' in the fo:block, docbook-xsl is causing
> FOP to do the right thing? Is it true that white-space-collapse='false'
> implies the same effect as linefeed-treatment='preserve'?


This is not a comment on how fop handles the situation.
According to the spec if white-space-collapse="false" then it "Specifies no
special action".
If it is true then it collapses multiple white space char except preserved
linefeeds (if linefeed-treatment='preserve').
For linefeed-treatment if the value is preserve then it "Specifies no
special action".

So if FOP does nothing different it will be correct.

Any other combination may be an entirely different situation.

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