On Wed, 08 Aug 2001 15:12:19 Gregor N. Purdy wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> So, does that mean that the entry in src/codegen/foproperties.xml
> should be edited so it doesn't say <datatype>ToBeImplemented</datatype>?
> If its being handled correctly, then we don't need the message to be
> printed. If there is some work still to be done before it can be
> considered completely supported, perhaps its a small enough task that
> I could figure it out...
> If nobody else is working on this, I'll go dig into the spec to see
> where the possibilities are discussed and then crawl through the code
> to see if I can find the right place(s) to make changes. I've not
> contributed code before, so pointers would be appreciated. From a
> little find+grep I see that linefeed-treatment is mentioned only in
> foproperties.xml and in src/org/apache/fop/fo/flow/Block.java (but
> it is only in a comment there). I see that white-space-collapse is
> mentioned in a few places.


It should stay as not implemented until it is at least read properly (reads
the value into the correct data type) and is used at least somewhere. If
you only found it on Block then that is probably the only place that it
applies (directly).

To understand what it should do you therefore need to read the information
about the property, read about the block element and other places that you
may need to look at are the other space handling properties.

Then the foproperties.xml should be adjusted to read handle the correct
values. Next it needs to be read in Block and handled there.

That should get you started at least.


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