Hi Rainer,

On Tue, 2002-11-12 at 00:08, Rainer Garus wrote:
> With an actual 1.0dev fop the following part of a fo-file
> <fo:block>
> Hello
> </fo:block>
> is rendered to a line which starts with a space character. Is this correct? And is 
>the implementation in fop 0.20.4 false, which don't considered the starting space 
> The default value of linefeed-treatment is treat-as-space (7.15.7), so the linefeed 
>character between ">" and "H" is substituted with a space. Is there a sentence in the 
>specification suppressing the starting space character?
> Rainer Garus

The linefeed is indeed converted into a space as it should. The problem
is that when doing the layout it does not suppress the leading space as
it should.

So fop 0.20.4 is correct and Fop1.0dev cvs is partially correct but the
layout manager(s) does not suppress the leading space properly. That a
bug probably in the LineLayoutManager.

I'm not sure where in the spec it talks about suppressing spaces but I'm
sure it is in there somewhere.


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