Thanks for the test.

I'm really not sure how to fix this. I can make it so that the text is
almost in the right position except it is flipped on the horizontal axis
(so you'll have to stand on your head to read it:)

I think the solution is a bit ugly due to the different coordinate systems.

THe font problem is either a problem with FOPs font setup (possibly a
version thing) or something to do with the acrobat viewer. It has no
problem with Acrobat 5.

On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 02:01:38 Randall Parker wrote:
> This is a test case to demonstrate problems with how
> PDFDocumentGraphics2D renders text that 
> is rotated. The text at 90 and 270 degrees is flipped around in
> pdfasshapes.pdf as compared to 
> how it is in svgtest.svg and pdfnotshapes.pdf. 
> Also, the text at the angles that start at 45 degrees and then increment
> at 90 degree intervals does 
> not show up in the pdfnotshapes.pdf and Acrobat complains when it loads
> the file about  not finding 
> a font. The font can be changed in the initFonts() method. 
> See the attached file It generates an SVG and two PDF
> files from the same set of 
> calls to the Graphics2D APIs. 
> I am running FOP and Batik as downloaded last Wednesday Aug 8 2001. I'm
> also using Jaxp 
> 1.1.1, Crimson 1.1.1, and Xalan 2.2.D8. Also, building and running on
> JBuilder 5 Pro. Viewing SVG 
> with the Batik SVG Browser and viewing PDF with full Acrobat 4.0.
> BTW, Acrobat holds a lock on a file it is showing. So you have to close
> the file in Acrobat to write 
> out a new version of the PDF. The SVG Browser doesn't hold a lock on the
> file and it has a handy 
> button to click to reload it. 
> The paths to which the output get written are embedded in the file. Edit
> these lines to change 
> them:
>       String SvgOutputFileName = new String("\\tmp\\svgtest.svg");
>       String PdfTextAsShapesFileName = new
> String("\\tmp\\pdfasshapes.pdf");
>       String PdfTextNotShapesFileName = new
> String("\\tmp\\pdfnotshapes.pdf");
> If anyone wants the 3 output files I can send them. I didn't want to clog
> up the list with too many 
> attachments.
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