On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 07:46:38 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:

>This is fine for most things, there is a transform that converts between
>these two coordinates and it works for line drawing. Images are outside
>this transform but can easily be transformed when the image is place.
>Text on the other hand does something else entirely.

Text really is a special case. 

> If I just apply the
>current transform (as is done for lines) then it puts the text in the
>correct position except if has been flipped along the basline of the text.
>If I try to apply an appropriate transform (only one can be used for text)
>then it puts normal horizontal text in the right place but as you have seen
>other text goes to various other places. 

Consider what I did in my test case: The call to drawString does the current transform 
to both the coordinates passed to it and to the object that gets drawn at those 
coordinates. But I really 
only wanted to transform the shape, not the coordinates as well. So before drawing the 
text I did a reverse transform on the coordinates so that the transform done to the 
coordinates was 
cancelled out by the previous transform already done. 

>The problem is we have two
>different transforms (coordinate and text) that interact in some unknown
>way (at least I don't know it, maybe someone else can figure it out).

I don't understand here whether the problem is that in PDF you can only have one 
transform in effect. Or are you doing all the transforms before generating the PDF? 

>I may be able to solve the problem by putting hte right transform with the
>right type of transform in the right place.

If you reverse transform (using the text transform) the coordinates in the SVG tree 
(but not the text orientation) and then apply a transform that concatenates the text 
transform and coordinate 
transform would that work?

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