At 08:56 AM 9/6/01 +0200, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>I'll only answer a few things.
>The before floats should behave fairly similar to footnotes.
>I am quite sure that the side floats cannot go outside of the body region
>area (and overlap footnotes), anyway that would be rather complicated.

Neither the XSL spec nor the CSS spec (the latter being the primary 
reference for floats anyway) explicitly say one way or the other (not that I 
can find). The strong statements are reserved for where the side-floats 
_start_. Still, it seems senseless to me to ever allow a side-float to 
extend below the main-reference-area.

It's not like the side-float is one monolithic piece...unless it's an image, 
the content can generate several block-areas and these can continue into 
later reference-areas in the same reference-area-chain. So the fo:float may 
result in a left side-float at the bottom of page N, and a left side-float 
at the top of page N+1. I am not pronouncing on the desirability of doing or 
not doing this; it's an interpretation of the specs.


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